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Things to Do in Zhangjiajie


Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (Zhangjiajie Guojia Senlin Gongyuan)
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If you’ve seen the James Cameron filmAvatar, the scenery at China’s majestic Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (Zhangjiajie Guojia Senlin Gongyuan) might look familiar. Yuanjiajie, the most popular spot in the park, is where you’ll find the Avatar Hallelujah Mountains, while the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon area is home to one of the highest and longest glass bridges in the world.

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Tianmen Mountain (Tianmen Shan)
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Considered one of the most beautiful mountains on Earth, Tianmen Mountain (Tianmen Shan) is a highlight of a visit to Zhangjiajie. The mountain summits at 4,983 feet (1,519 meters), with plenty of spectacular sights on the way up, including near vertical cliffs, a winding walkway appropriately named the 99 Bends, and a rock arch called Heaven’s Gate. (Tianmen Mountain literally means "Heaven's Gate Mountain".)

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A UNESCO Scenic and Historic Interest Area, Wulingyuan encompasses more than 100 square miles (260 square kilometers) of Hunan Province. The vast area is most famous for its 3,000 narrow sandstone pillars, some poking more than 650 feet (200 meters) into the sky, as well as serene streams, natural pools, waterfalls, natural bridges, and karst caves.

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