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Rochemenier Cave Village (Rochemenier Village Troglodytique)
Rochemenier Cave Village (Rochemenier Village Troglodytique)

Rochemenier Cave Village (Rochemenier Village Troglodytique)

For centuries, the cliffs around Saumur were home to cave houses (habitations troglodytiques). Rochemenier Cave Village (Rochemenier Village Troglodytique) is one of the Loire Valley’s most interesting cave-dwelling sites. Its Cave Museum covers two underground farmhouses, including a cave chapel, complete with historic farming gear.

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14 Rue du Musée, Saumur, Louresse-Rochemenier, 49700

The Basics

Whether you visit Rochemenier on a Loire Valley tour that also includes mining sites and quarries, such as Le Mystère des Faluns, or independently, the cave dwellings are a worthy stop. A provided map, available in multiple languages, helps you explore the dwellings and Cave Museum. Prebook tickets for ease or buy on-site.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • Rochemenier Cave Village is a great choice for history buffs, families, and fans of the unusual.

  • There’s free Wi-Fi in the ticket office, snack kiosk, and shop.

  • Bring layers. Temperatures in the caves hover around 60°F (15°C) regardless of how sunny it is outside.

  • The Cave Museum is accessible with strollers, but travelers who rely on wheelchairs will need assistance.

  • If you choose to rent an interactive multimedia device (in French and English) you must provide a €250 deposit (credit or cash).

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How to Get There

Rochemenier Cave Village sits within the commune of Louresse-Rochemenier, about a 24-mile (39-kilometer) drive southeast of Anjou. Public transport is limited so most travelers self-drive. Anjoubus services 185 and 188 run between Angers train station and the village, but they are not frequent.

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When to Get There

The Cave Museum closes in December and January and on some public holidays. Between February and April and mid-September and November, it closes on Mondays; between May and mid-September, it opens seven days a week. In the peak season of July and August, it’s best to visit midweek.

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The Cave Museum (Musée Troglo)

The Cave Museum (Musée Troglo) comprises two reconstructed cave farms with 20 different rooms. Highlights include a 16th-century underground chapel, a room with fossils, a wine-pressing cellar, a stable, and an exhibition on troglodyte (cave-dwelling) people around the world. It's not alone; there are 250 cave structures in the village of Rochemenier.

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