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Tyniec Benedictine Abbey
Tyniec Benedictine Abbey

Tyniec Benedictine Abbey

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Perched in an awesome setting on a limestone crag above the River Vistula, Tyniec's Benedictine Abbey is the oldest of its kind still in operation in Poland. Founded by Benedictine monks in 1044, the abbey wasn’t necessarily built out of spiritualism; in fact, the monks were invited to Krakow in order to restore order and strengthen the position of the newly-found Kingdom of Poland, in the light of major turmoil with the Czechs. This partly explains why the abbey boasts such a defensive and austere allure, as well as its strategic location atop a limestone mountain overlooking the Vistula River. The configuration changed quite drastically over the years as the site underwent raids, cosmetic remodeling and invasions, and it even served as a fortress to rebel Poles during the 1768 War of the Bar Confederation against the Russian Empire.

Nowadays, the Baroque-style complex consists of the abbey itself,the twin-spired church of Saints Peter and Paul, a museum highlighting its turbulent history, tranquil cloisters and courtyards, a souvenir shop selling produce made by the monks—including beer and wine—and a simple restaurant. Visitors can only see the abbey by guided tour, but it's also possible to join the Benedictines for days of contemplation, attending prayer services and eating with the monks.

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Open daily 10am-6pm
Benedyktyńska 37, Kraków, Poland, 30-398

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