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Bundaberg is most known for its sugar cane fields, rum production and outdoor recreation. Because of its subtropical climate, sugar cane grows in abundance, which creates the bi-product of molasses for their famous Bundaberg Rum. Visitors can tour the distillery to see how the delicious product is made firsthand before sampling some for themselves.

Bundaberg is also the home to The Bundaberg Barrel, one of "Australia's Big Things," and which houses Bundaberg Brewed Drinks known internationally for their ginger beer.

Bundaberg’s subtropical weather also allows for an array of fresh local produce and ingredients, some of which include avocados, macadamia nuts, pineapples, mangoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, cherry tomatoes, watermelons, citrus and much more. In terms of outdoor recreation the Burnett River is lined with parks, while sting ray-free beaches litter the coast. From August through October Bundaberg is a great place to go whale-watching, while November through March brings Giant Turtles to Mon Repos Beach.

Bundaberg is a great starting point for visiting Fraser Island, as you can take the Bruce Highway south to Torbanlea and follow the sign to Hervey Bay. You can take a ferry to Fraser Island from River Heads, located just south of Hervey Bay. Bundaberg is part of the Fraser Island district, and essentially runs parallel to Fraser Island’s northern tip.

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Bundaberg, QLD

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The journey from Bundaberg to Fraser Island takes approximately 1.5 hours. Take the Bruce Highway south to the Fraser Coast and turn off at Torbanlea, following the signs to Hervey Bay. From here take the main road toward River Heads, where you’ll be able to take a ferry over the island.

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